Community Information

-          Townhouse Owner Association


-          Single family residence only.


-          Parking

  • Each unit has the use of two parking spaces.
  • Additional spaces are for guests staying 10 or less consecutive days.
  • All vehicles must have current license and registration and be in working condition.
  • Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at the owners expense.  JL Towing 540-434-4448


-          Pets must be on a leash when outside and all pet waste must be cleaned up immediately (even from your own property).


-          Unit lawn and flower bed maintenance is the owner/residents responsibility.


-          City curbside trash and recycling pickup is on Mondays.  Trash and recycling must be placed along Goldfinch, Blue Ridge Drive, or Founders Way.

  • Trash and recycling may be put out between 5 PM Sunday and 7 AM Monday.  All trash must be in tied bags or enclosed containers.  Bins and containers must be put away before 7 AM Tuesday. 


-          Snow removal services are provided for the parking lot drive areas after two inches of snow.  Owners are responsible for individual parking spaces.

  • Snow services will wait until snowfall has stopped before beginning for events of two to ten inches.
  • Snow services will be provided multiple times for events of more than ten inches.  Expect delays for unusually large accumulations.
  • Ice melt will be applied as deemed necessary. 
Board Members:
  • Jacque Rhodes                        President
  • Sheri Gates                             Treasurer
  • Danny Cox                             Director
  • Patty Schleifer                        Director

Community Documents


Owners are responsible for the following:
  • Lawn mowing, trimming, and flower bed maintenance.
  • All property maintenance
    • All exterior changes must be approved before work is begun.  This includes fences and satellite dishes.
  • Parking space and sidewalk snow removal.
Association Owner Assessments:
  • $260 per year.
  • Payment are due July 1.
  • Payments must be delivered to the Mypoa office.
    • Area D Reherd Acres Homeowners Association-   202 North Liberty Street Suite 101 Harrisonburg VA 22802.


  • Assessments cover the following expenses:
    • Island landscaping
    • Parking lot maintenance.
    • Mailbox maintenance.
    • Community lights.
    • Parking lot snow removal.
    • Management.
    • State licensing and insurance. community management provides:
  • Community information.
  • Community inspections.
  • Rules enforcement
  • Association financial management.
  • Association organization management.